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By Sarang Sheth 08/31/2016

You better bookmark this page, cuz it’s filled with all kinds of awesomeness! We present to you a handpicked selection of winners of the A’ Design Award over the years.

The A’Design Awards pride themselves in absolute diversity, which means there’s something in it for everybody. You’ve got categories like Furniture Design, Electronic Devices Design, Transportation Design, Medical Devices Design, Social Design, and Home Appliances Design, just to name just a few. Here are the absolute best of the best, curated for our YD family.

Y.O ZmartChair by Rick Yestadt

Another contender for the Wild Design category, the Y.O ZmartChair is a rather wacky chair. Designed to look like two chairs were accidentally fused together, the chair’s design is actually carefully planned. It can be used in two different orientations, as a vertical chair as well as a recliner. Eccentric, smart design!