Project Description


Master planning concepts for residential apartment complex in New Rochelle, NY

apt-bar photo

Cooper Hill Apartments is a 216 unit garden-style community on 13.9 acres completed in 1951 with 53 brick-veneer 2 story residential buildings and 119 garages. The development is poised for community wide upgrades to allow new executive leadership with management support to consider both long and short term capital improvements.

The Master Plan process  serves as an evolving document to help prioritize long and short term upgrades and improvements that allows implementation in phases that best meet the owner’s desired goals including…

–  Zoning Analysis for potential new development

–  Landscape Design and Sidewalk Replacements

–  Site Lighting

–  Lobby and Entry Renovations

–  Open Plan Apartment Renovations

–  Infrastructural Campus Upgrades including Electric & Gas Service


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